3 weeks until Pedal for Scotland – stepping things up


Well it’s only 3 weeks to go so and that has meant stepping things up this week, I’d like to say, much to my beautiful wife’s delight, but that would be a lie.

This week has been fun, Kate and I have been enjoying our routine of the evenings of cosying up on the sofa to watch the GB cycling team do wonders at the Olympic Games in Rio. It usually follows the routine of being gobsmacked at how fast they are going, then one of us googling how to convert Kph to Mph to then work out how fast they were actually going in a way we can understand (we’re off that age – metric confuses us).

So Laura Trott of team GB was hitting 32 mph, ahem up until this week, our average speed was around 10.2mph. Soooooo, moving on.

Coincidentally I had said last week that starting Monday I was going to push us and try to get back to doing decent speeds, Kate obviously forgot because on Monday morning when she caught up with me after I took off, she yelled, “Are you channeling Jason Kenny or something? Last time I let you watch sprint cycling before bed time.” I did get a good chuckle out of that.

We’ve carried on in this vain, each morning we push ourselves and it seems to be working, I did my fastest time ever on my Whyte bike this week (matching the times I used to average on my old Marin bike) and we’re averaging about 13mph (ok so not Jason Kenny but good for us).

When I did Pedal for Scotland in 2010, I averaged 14mph so still a bit of work to go but getting there.

These past 2 weeks have also saw me join Kate on the Holyrood Hill for my cycle home in the evenings and I must say, I am feeling the benefit. I am still no fan of the hill, but I’m getting up there and most importantly, I think finally working out my gears. The Whyte bike has a completely different gear system than my Marin (less gears) and I haven’t quite found my stride with them yet, so that’s what I’m working on.
It’s been a lovely week for cycling too, sunshine and no wind, perfect. Well except for Friday when I got drenched!


Next weeks plan is to carry on with challenging ourselves, I’d like to have 2 or 3 days where I am sub 35 mins to work, and I’ll keep fighting the big hill.

Almost there, only 3 weeks to go if you want to make a donation to Alzheimer’s Scotland – the fantastic charity I am raising money for. It’s dead easy, go to my sponsorship website and donate.


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