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A new food & drink hobby… Making beer


summer-beer-150x150We’ve taken up a new and exciting hobby and thought it would work well with our blog.

We are making our own beer.

Beer is considered to be one of the oldest fermented drinks possibly dating back to around 9500 BC and is recorded in the written history of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Here in Scotland beer is recorded as early as 4000 years ago with Heather Ale being the preferred brew. My favourite “fact” about heather ale…. did you know that this was the “magic potion” which Asterix spoke of?

Well as I said, Kate and I have started brewing our own beer. Very much on a small scale at the minute, but it’s lots of fun and a great learning experience.

We’ve started off with a simple kit brewing method for just now, but intend one day to go the full hog and be writing and brewing our own recipes.


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