A taste of California in Edinburgh

As much as we both absolutely love cooking at home, we are both keen on dining out and love trying new restaurants.

For our anniversary treat, Kathryn took us out to try a fantastic little restaurant tucked away in one of Edinburgh’s trendy little streets. It’s a Californian restaurant, specialising in wines from the Napa Valley region and for the food and wine buffs of Edinburgh, this is a great little hideaway.

We enjoyed a night of wine tasting, with a five course menu accompanied by suitable wines for each course. Fantastic!

This was more of a treat for me, as being an avid real ale fan, wine is something I’ve only come to love recently, and so this was my chance to dip my toes into a bit of a tasting session but in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

Calistoga, is now one of our favourite restaurants, the service is exemplary, the food is to die for and their range of wines is amazing.  I would recommend all you steak fans out there give them a try and try their flat iron steak. I am a lover of rare steak, and I get annoyed as I am usually served either medium steak or steak which has a higher fat content which doesn’t melt down when you cook a steak rare and so leaves you with a lot of chewy bits which you end up leaving. Not so at Calistoga, firstly the steak was rare, exactly as I asked and secondly, the flat iron steak doesn’t have a lot of fat and so is perfect for cooking rare. I loved it.

The waiter who served us (and I have since found out is actually the owner)  had a great knowledge of the wines we were drinking and took time to talk to us about each one and regaled us with funny stories from his own experiences – apparently working in a Napa vineyard.

A truly fantastic night was had and we would thoroughly recommend Calistoga to anyone wanting a fantastic meal and some nice wines to enjoy with it. It’s tucked away off Rose Street, so go exploring…

Calistoga Restaurant & Sideways Wines

70 Rose St. Lane North,

Edinburgh. EH2 3DX

Tel – 0131 225 1233



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