All you need is love, tea and gardening.


IMAG3345Another couple of happy hours in the greenhouse today for the final steps for this year, the final potting and placing of the tomatoes. The greenhouse feels so much bigger at the minute as the next door neighbour cut down the elder tree which was causing the back of the greenhouse to be in shadow. So for the first time I’m actually getting full use of all the space. It feels so big!

As promised in my review of last year I’ve got a couple  each of red and yellow little balcony/dwarf tomato plants. They are so compact that all four fit on a shelf at the back of the greenhouse leaving lots of space for the bigger standard tomato plants.

I’ve put a double shelf in at the back allowing me to have the tomatoes on top, salad under that and then some storage for bits and bobs under them on the floor.

That’s given me enough room for;

  • 2 Marmand heritage tomato plants. These things are ugly as sin but taste amazing.
  • 2 Chocolate coloured cherry plants
  • and 3 sweet million red cherry plants. These gave me such a huge yield of tomatoes both years I’ve grown them so I had to have more this year.

th_gardeningPootling away in the greenhouse with a cup of tea and some music playing is one of my favourite things so I was happy to be able to hang one of my christmas presents. I had held off, not wanting to hang it until the greenhouse was pretty much finished, so today it went up.

I couldn’t agree more with this sign.



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