And let there be light – and the cycle path now has lights!





I absolutely can’t believe it. It’s taken 4 years of complaining, blogging, emailing, tweeting and eventually getting my MSPs involved but the Queen Margaret Uni to Newcraighall cycle path finally has working lights (along some of it). There has been work under way over the last few months and the old broken, solar-powered lights have been replaced with new LED wired ones. About half of the path had working lights as of this morning.

Only downside I suppose is that it’s not as dark now so we can’t actually get the full effect of the lights until next winter when it’s dark enough to see how good they are 🙂

Oh well, never happy eh?

Need to say a massive thank you to Aris Wilson at the Scottish Parliament who has been amazingly supportive about the whole thing and is the driving force behind MSP Gavin Brown. She has sent so many emails to help get this sorted  – thank you!

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