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Another seasonal ale – Kate’s Springfest beer for 2014

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sprinfest aleIf you remember reading about the pumpkin ale we make for thanksgiving each year, you’ll remember that we mentioned our other seasonal ale we make for our little celebration of spring – Springfest.

Last year I created a recipe for our Springfest beer based on my personal tastes and Eli brewed this beer for our party. It was a pale ale using citra hops which are my favourite hops. They give a grapefruity, zingy flavour and aroma to your beer and work really well in American style beers.

Well a lot has moved on since then, not just that my taste in beers has changed a little but also that I’ve had a try at actually making beer myself so I am making this year’s beer myself. Taste-wise, I like hoppy pale beers especially the beers we are seeing coming from the American craft scene. I guess it was a natural progression that the more hoppy beers I have had the chance to try, the more pronounced hop flavours I have been seeking in my beers.

That said, this year’s Springfest beer is what is being referred to as a double ipa, this means there are quite a lot more hops in this beer than a standard ipa but staying with tradition, it’s still citra hops as they just seem right for a beer that says spring time.

At the moment the beer is still bubbling away in the fermentor so you’ll have to wait until mid march before I can update you on how gorgeous it tastes but if you fancy having a go at making my Springfest beer yourself, the recipe is below.

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