Aphids be gone!


Well I promised you a wee update on my battle with the pests so here it is, and I’m glad to say it’s a positive one.

I had two pepper plants which had been infested by aphids, just the two out of four, but both were the same variety, so a wee note in my garden journal that this variety is clearly desirable to aphids!

So after coming back from holiday to my newly planted up greenhouse, the two plants were absolutely covered, and I mean scarily and disgustingly covered in aphids. Far too many for me to be able to control by the squish method, so what to do?

I decided that this would be a great opportunity to test out different types of remedy, after all, if it didn’t work, it was only two plants… fingers crossed though. So the two I tried were, the practical and standard bug spray from the garden centre. Completely chemical based and not organic so I know for some folk this would be a no-no. Which is why I decided to try this in a comparison against the good old gardener’s remedy of soapy water. Cheap and organic (well if your soap is organic I suppose).

Plant one was doused in bug spray and after one day, no aphids, none at all. Result! Plant two was doused in soapy water and after one day, a reduction in the number of aphids but still plenty, so another really good dousing. Remember that you have to get every mm of the plant, top and bottom of the leaves and in all the crevices. I’m happy to say, it did take a couple of days of doing this but on day three, no aphids, so the soapy water trick does work, you just have to be vigilant and it takes a wee bit longer.

So you may be asking, what is this soapy water concoction? Well, very simply I just added enough dish soap to my water so that it felt soapy (slippery) to the touch. Then I really doused the plants. I’m not sure if it’s the soap or the action of knocking the bugs off the plant that did the job, so I may have to have a good old google but it worked which is the main thing.

And on that positive note, one of the plants is now showing my first ever pepper!!! Hurrah!!!!


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