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Eye spy mince pies!


Its December, and for me that means only one thing – its finally mince pie season! But Kate, I hear you cry, mince pies have been in the shops since July – don’t get me started on the ridiculously early appearance of Christmas food, suffice to say that for me […]

Food & Drink, kitchen

Building a party bar


Any home brewer who says they wouldn’t love a bar to pour their beer from is quite frankly a big fat liar. So we finally gave into the desire  and had a go at building our own party bar to serve beer from and forgive me for being smug, but […]

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The Pumpkin Beer Is Born

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Well Ladies & Gents, the pumpkin beer we have been brewing for Thanksgiving is now ready to be bottled and put away to condition. It’s already tasting fantastic and can only get better. A nice strong ale on the darker side of amber made with caramelised pumpkin and a little […]


Winter is coming…


Today was a little bit sad to start with. It’s that time of year, the garden is starting to look a bit bare as things are dying back and it all just looks so different from the green oasis it was just a few months ago. It hit me hardest […]


Ar Bruadair Autumn update


Ladies & Gents, we have received our first ever complaint about the blog. Well when I say complaint it was more of a disappointed observation about how little activity there has been on here recently. But let it not be said that we don’t listen… so here is the Ar […]