Be careful what you plant…..


Well the garden is almost finished so this week we went along to Gardening Scotland and tried to force our way onto The Beechgrove Garden. It didn’t work, but we had loads of fun anyway and as usual we came home with loads of plants.


Our treat this week is our new chill out zone. We got some lovely chairs from Ikea and little matching footstools to finish our fabulous chill out zone next to the french windows. Somewhere to spark up the barbeque and drink some homemade beer of a sunny evening after a hard day in the garden.



We also have some good news, we actually found some sucker, I mean really nice guy who was working on his garden, to buy the mono block. So goodbye big, ugly pile of mono block, hello getting our garden back.

The only thing being that we were so used to having the pile of bricks there that it looked so empty without it, but not to worry, our little visit to Gardening Scotland may have left our wallets empty, but it filled our garden with more lovely colourful flowers.

We put two planters where the mono block was and that has given us some gorgeous colour and  fun there.



The first planter has some gorgeous colour in it from some really striking poppies we bought, they are red with black spots and yes, you guessed it, they are called Ladybird Poppies.



IMAG0769-270x300The second planter has some variety in it, there are Bleeding Hearts, Dianthus, Gerbera and something with a funny name that Eli insists on calling dragon heads. (Aquilegia)

There be dragons….






We did learn a valuable lesson through our gardening adventure though, we learned to be really careful what you plant….

This week, we seem to have planted Catkins and the have produced fruit really quickly….












This is Penny and Parker who have come to join our family.

Yes, you’ve guessed it, we bought kittens.

The intention was only to buy one kitten, but when we when to buy it, we felt guilty leaving the other  behind.

They are sisters, 8 weeks old ( birthday is 4th April) and the are Tortoiseshell and white ( or Calico as they call this type of cat in the states).

Parker is mostly tortoiseshell on her back, with a little black patch on her eye and chin and Penny has more white. We are already seeing their distinct  little personalities, with Parker being the more adventurous of the two, but with Penny being the hungry little critter who likes her food.

They haven’t met Elmo yet, as we thought it was safer to have the vet check them out first and them let them settle in properly, but they will meet him next week and we will tell you all about it .




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