Beetroot and carrot seedlings


It’s official, our very first outdoor seedlings are starting to sprout. The bed where I planted our carrots and beetroot is showing signs of life.

I apologise as the picture is not the most amazing but we thought it would be good to share the small signs of spring life we are starting to see.


On a plus move though, it’s not just in that bed we are watching spring take hold. I can’t help but get a little excited by the lovely, fresh greens in the herb planter. There something about the spring colours.


That’s this years parsley which is looking amazing and bright. We’ve also got our first decent growth of chives since we started the garden. I just couldn’t get them to take the last two years but apparently giving up and ignoring them was the secret as they are coming on a treat.

As always the courgettes are the biggest plants going. Again this year we’ve tried the yellow ones as well as green but again I’m not certain. The yellow courgette plants don’t seem as strong, they seen to struggle a bit and are smaller.  Last year we also noticed that the yellow courgettes really struggled with rot. This year… We will see.



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