Best laid plans: the world conspires against us to stop us working in the garden


rainy daysI have started this blog post so many times and then deleted everything to start all over again. We had the most fantastic plan of attack to get going in the garden; get the beds dug over, fed and ready for planting, clean the greenhouse and get it set up ready to sow our first seeds, get new hanging baskets on the fence and get them ready for all our lovely colourful flower choices.

Then storm Gertrude happened, followed swiftly by storm Henry and cheekily right on its tail was Imogen. Weekend followed weekend where we couldn’t get out to get anything done. Sigh, the fourth anniversary of us buying this house came and went without us getting to celebrate with a bit of gardening. Unfortunately just to add to the excuses for giving in and eating pizza, the collection of storms and crazy winds also did a fair bit of damage meaning at least one of our fences needed to be completely replaced another just needs at least one new post.

So here we are, mid February and we haven’t even started yet. Never mind, we can get stuck in this weekend right?  Wrong!

Now I’m out of action with a busted knee (slipped on the ice) so no digging or greenhouse repairs for me, in fact I can’t bend my knee so I can’t even work on cleaning the greenhouse.

Best laid plans!

Never mind, so you are not missing out on at least some news, I wasn’t really able to help, but Kate and our lovely next door neighbours replaced the fence with a nice new one, which will need painted. Maybe I can do that at least.

So some pictures to tide you over until I have something with green leaves to show you 🙂




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