Brassicas everywhere


It’s amazing what I little bit of sun does and not just to me.

brassicas everywhere







We planted a bed with broccoli and Brussels sprouts recently, all nice and spaced out. A bit of sunshine later and they have turned into day of the triffids.

We have a bed full, a large pot full and two troughs full.

The exciting bit is that we have our first baby broccoli….

our first broccoli


It’s all very exciting. The broccoli and sprouts were two of our new veggies for this year so we didn’t know what to expect. Success I think is the answer.







Another new arrival in the garden this year are our yellow courgettes. Yup yellow. We have three babies on the plant already.

baby courgettes











So on the colour theme, we have:

  • yellow courgettes
  • Purple carrots
  • Orange carrots
  • Yellow carrots
  • Stripy beetroot
  • Red beetroot
  • Yellow beetroot
  • Red stripy tomatoes
  • Green stripy tomatoes
  • Yellow tomatoes
  • Burgundy tomatoes
  • Purple Tatties and
  • White Tatties
  • Rainbow chard




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