Brooks saddle – so what’s the verdict?



Well it’s been a couple of months since I posted anything about the Brooks saddle (maybe more than a couple) but to be honest I didn’t really have anything to say. To look at, the saddle hasn’t changed since I last posted and I hate to say it but comfort wise it hasn’t changed either.

This is quite a difficult post to write as I don’t like  having to be negative and I had really hoped to experience this christmas miracle that the Brook saddle users were all telling me about where the saddle is suddenly the most comfortable saddle I’ve ever used and I’d be a convert. But unfortunately that just hasn’t been the case. The saddle isn’t uncomfortable, let me just get that straight. It’s perfectly fine to use, it’s just not what I’d describe as comfortable and it certainly can’t compete with the wide range of “modern” saddles that are available. It’s just not anything special.

Sure the actual look of the saddle makes it stand out and I can’t deny that’s it’s a lovely piece of craft but I just feel that this is the reason people buy it, for the look, not because it’s “good”. Now no doubt there will be others out there who disagree but I can only talk of my own experience and my experience just doesn’t live up to the hype.

Would I buy another brooks saddle? No. Would I take this off my bike and replace it? No actual I wouldn’t. It’s not uncomfortable so there would be no point in wasting the money that this rather expensive saddle cost. I’ll continue using it until it’s time to replace it. I think that’s a pretty fair thing to say, it does the job of being a saddle if not the super saddle I had hoped it would be.

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