Brooks saddles – are they everything people say?



You can’t be part of the cycling community and not hear about Brooks saddles at least once a month. Their fans are a loud and vocal group on a mission to convert the world of cycling to their way of thinking. I have heard the chat about Brooks saddles for years now but in all honesty never really got it. There are a heap of fantastic, modern, shaped and scientifically designed saddles out there, why the hell would you want to use something that was first made in 1882 and hasn’t really changed since then?

Well, I eventually gave in. A couple of guys at work have been particularly enthusiastic at telling me about their Brooks saddles and I figured why not give it a try. It’s not like any saddle you buy is instantly comfortable anyway so lets truly put the Brooks thing to the test and I got one as a birthday gift at the end of July this year.

So here’s the skinny, I am going to write a blog post review of the saddle as we go so that you can hear about any changes that happen, if it gets super comfortable and if it doesn’t as I find out.

I promise I will be honest, if the saddle is everything it’s fans claim, then I will too be raving about it here on my blog. If not, then I’ll be honest and tell you that it’s not everything it’s meant to be.

I’m also going to keep a photo record of the saddle and how it ages/breaks in. I’ll take a photo at the end of each month so you can see for yourself how it changes over time.

So I’ll start you off.

This is the saddle as of today 24th Aug 2015

You can see that after a month there is a little bit of wear showing, the seat doesn’t appear quite as tight and perfect anymore.

Is there a difference in comfort? Well yes,  I have to say that a brand new Brooks saddle is damn uncomfortable. It’s rock solid, I mean absolutely rock solid to start with. It’s starting to give slightly now so it’s not uncomfortable anymore but I wouldn’t say it’s comfortable as such. There are still times when I think – oh mind that bump.

Check back next month and see how it’s aged and if it’s improved.


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