Building up a flower bed

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We have a gorgeous flower bed along the fence in our back garden, but as it’s not got an edge or border to it, the soil gets kicked out by birds, the wind and the rain.

It’s also been staring to look a little bit tired recently, but to be fair, the primula and primroses from that bed have been in the garden since before we moved in. They’ve had a good shift.

So we’ve taken the chance to liven the bed up a bit and to give it a decent edge to keep it all together.

That’s no mean feat mind you, the bed is six meters long.

We put together the frame to go around the bed in two halves, just to make it a bit more manageable. The hope being that this not so little wooden frame will help to keep the soil in the bed and maybe even provide a bit of shelter for the ground level plants.



You can see just how big the framing has to be.


Once we had that ready, we lifted out any of the existing plants we could and sorted them into the plants that were going back into the bed and the ones that were for the compost. Then we gave the soil a good turn over and a hoe.

Not an easy job, as you can see we have a rowan tree there and the roots make working in that bed quite difficult. But apparently the Rowan keeps witches away so maybe it’s earning its keep.
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With the bed dug over, we added some compost and dug that through just to give the plants a wee boost and then we put the plants back in and replaced the poorer looking ones with some new plants.

This bed had previously been mostly primula and primrose, but this time round we’ve mixed that up with some mims. We’ve become big fans of mims as a summer plant.

So now it’s all looking gorgeous.

Just a coat of paint so it ties in with the other beds and we have a nice new flower bed with some new plants.

Now, next… The flower bed at the back is seriously over grown. That really needs hacked back. I mean pruned delicately to bring out it’s shape and beauty. :0)


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