Can you believe it…

It’s been over 4 years since I first wrote in this blog and to be honest, I had forgotten about it and blogged so many other things. I’m still cycling but along with so much in my life, my cycling has changed too.

I still cycle to work every day, but I now do that cycle from Musselburgh (where Kate and I now live) to Edinburgh city centre (where I now work) and back so about 14 miles a day. I don’t do any of the big , cross country cycles anymore but I’m probably cycling more miles than I did previously just because my commute is twice the length it was in Glasgow.

An interesting point Kate and I discussed last night was that when I first wrote in this blog, it was taking me over 35 minutes to cycle the 3.5 miles to work in Glasgow. Now I’m cycling the 7 miles to work from Musselburgh in 40 minutes.  A big change, but I’m still on the bike Kate bought me and it’s still holding up great.

With my experience of cycling in Glasgow and now Edinburgh and East Lothian I’m finding I have a lot more to say about cycling these days. I’ve experienced some real negativity as a cyclist in Edinburgh and I’ve also experienced some of the worst cycling infrastructure I’ve ever seen in East Lothian unfortunately, so this has pushed me towards the decision to start blogging about cycling again starting now and with a wee advert for something I’m taking part in on Saturday. It’s called Pedal on Parliament and it’s basically a huge cycle demonstration at the parliament in Edinburgh to ask politicians and decision makers to think about cyclist and have a decent budget towards infrastructure and safety and to use that budget well.

You can find out more about it on their website:

No doubt I’ll blog some photos and thoughts after the weekend.


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