Can you crash your bike with dignity?


I’m at an unfortunate point just now where I am cycling through the stages of emotion after having a bike fall.  I should point out, not the seriously dramatic and life-threatening type we see in The Tour, but just one of those winter skids that see the back wheel slide out from under you on a corner. The joy of black ice.

What I have learned from this though is that long after the injuries heal (in my case some torn ligaments in my shoulder), emotionally I’m still not healed. I’m terrified now, every small fissure in the road surface feels like an accident waiting to happen, every corner is just “too tight” and even worse, coldis my nemesis. We won’t even mention ice or frost cause well let’s be honest, my brain screams death trap every time I see frost now.

The thing is, I’m not sure if it was the fact that I was injured which has made this into a big deal or if I would be this terrified if I had come off the bike but been unscathed.  What I do know is that the injury was my fault, I put my arm out to break my fall and bang, shoulder injury. Even now I’m chastising myself, I know you shouldn’t put your arm out, so why did I do it? Like the time I was testing out clipless pedals and I didn’t unclip fast enough and so fell over like a sack of tatties… that time I stuck my knee (foot still clipped in) out to break my fall, and yes, torn knee ligaments for the effort.

So this has got me thinking, can you learn to fall “properly” so that you don’t or at least reduce the chance of injuring yourself? I’m not sure because I “know” I’m not meant to shove my arm out, but I did it…  a bit of a google and I came across this gem which I wanted to share.  It’s from bikeradar and the article tries to explain how to cope with the most common types of cycle crash.




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