Can you go on holiday and not come home to a dead greenhouse? With quadgrow you can.


When I installed my new quadgrow watering system in the greenhouse, one of my questions was, “will I be able to go off on holiday for a week and come home to happy and healthy tomatoes or will everything be dead?”

We’ll I’m happy to report that yes, we went off on holiday and when I came home, my greenhouse was still going strong.

Experience has taught me that the quadgrow and chilligrow systems I have in place usually give consistent watering to the green house for 6 or 7 days before I have to top them up. This meant that I was fairly confident that I could risk a week’s holiday without my hard work in the garden being wasted.

Sure enough, we were away for 8 days and although I came home to find the water reservoirs completely empty, everything had survived with no I’ll effects.

If we were to go away longer, I’d need to add the extra reservoir to extend the watering life but I am very happy with the results.

I’ve tried various watering systems over the last few years and this has by far been the most successful.

Result: happy tomatoes and happy Eli. Below are some of the video reviews I’ve made of the new system to see how it worked out.

Installation of the quadgrow system

First update on using the quadgrow system

Review of qudgrow after our holiday

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  1. Thanks for these videos. I have tomatoes in quadgrow for the first time. I don’t have many tomatoes and I too worried about the very dry soil on top. I am in Bournemouth and have had quite a poor summer. I really thought I would have had better results with the quadgrow. One thing I was told I did wrong was to fill up reservoir with rain water. x

  2. Hey Christine,
    Glad to hear someone else is testing things out too.

    I don’t see why filling the reservoir with rain water instead of tap water would make any difference, after all if the plants were outside it would be rain water that watered them.


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