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Out enjoying the sunshine

Been a bit exciting this week as well as a wee bit nervous. We’ve been having some lovely weather and things in Scotland are starting to open up again, so yesterday we had a fun day out in Edinburgh. Luckily I’d managed to get this week’s video update for the […]

365 days later: 2020 in review

I have never been so glad to see the number on the clock flip over to 00:00 – a whole new year. I say this in an entirely metaphoric way as I was in my bed asleep when the year passed, I’m not one for staying up late. But still, […]

How well do you know me?

During lockdown, I did a zoom interview with Georgie from Rhino greenhouses. I say interview, basically we both just nattered about the garden, how we got into gardening and the joys it brings.

Greenhouse Nov 19

Switching to a glass greenhouse: one year on

Well, I guess by the end of this month it’s time to stop talking about the new greenhouse… Olive will be one year old! I think there should be cake. So this week, the thought of it being a whole year with our first “proper” greenhouse (polycarbonate didn’t count as […]

New raised beds – railway sleepers

I just looked over our old blog posts to see when we installed the raised beds and it gave me a bit of a warm glow. I love going back over the old posts to see how the garden has changed and grown over the years. Turns out we installed […]

A day out learning to make hard back books

We’re just home from a super fun day learning to make hardback books, we’re both still a little bit giddy from having so much fun. If you don’t know the story of Kate and I, you may not know that books play a huge part in our lives and indeed […]