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The sitooterie is finished


We mentioned in a recent post that we were working on our little patio area where we sit out of an evening or BBQ with friends. It was looking a bit sad and in need of love, so we’ve done a little bit of work to perk it up a […]

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What’s cooking – a book review

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One of our big successes of 2014 wasn’t veggies we’d grown or even beer we’d brewed. It was quite simply that we tidied the shelf in the den creating space to organise our ever-growing pile of cookery books. Previously we’d kept the books in a messy pile in the living room […]

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Springfest – the beer competition results

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The first annual Springfest brew competition was definately a resounding success. We were lucky enough to be treated to 4 separate and very different brews, 3 of which were competing and the fourth? The fourth was the first bottle of my elderflower champers which we thought we’d have a small […]