Christmas crafting mark 2 – fun pictures


craftiesWell you’ve all seen the stunning job Kate made of our Christmas wreath which is now hung proudly on our front door. Now it’s my turn to show off the fun Christmas pictures I put together.

A small trip to hobbycraft (although the amount of crafty suppliers we bought was not small), and we were all set for a day of fun crafting. A cup of tea, glitter, glue, sticky things and cutty out things and away we go. It was great fun, like being a kid on a rainy afternoon again.

My plan was to try to make some Christmas pictures to replace our usual artwork during the holiday period. I had seen some amazing stuff online and thought – “hey I could do that.” It wasn’t long before I realised I wasn’t quite that artistic.

So I got two deep frames, the type that you can put sea shells or kids football medals in as a way of storing memories, lots of random snowflakes and cotton wool etc and a heap of stuff I stole from the pile Kate had bought to make a wreath (I’m nothing if not resourceful). The only thing I couldn’t get my hands on were little jingly bells of the right size. Unfortunately these were absolutely integral to the design I had come up with, so that afternoon I sat at a table full of craft supplies and PANICKED!!!!!!!! I then had a cup of tea and a biscuit and the world started to come together again. I had cotton wool and I had sticky googly eyes… what more could a girl need. snowman

So frame number one came out and I began putting together little snow men with the cotton wool and googly eyes and I have to be honest and say there is a great deal of satisfaction to be had from sticking little eyes on a ball of cotton wool.

So there you have it, I had a theme – let it snow.

Some sticky letters and a few snowflakes later and I had my first picture.

frame-1Ok I still had another frame but by this point I was on a roll… I had sticky reindeer woo hoo north pole here I come.

Well as you can tell I was having a great time mucking about with all the sticky goodies and it was definitely a lot easier than you might think so I would definitely recommend it. Ok so I don’t have the most professional looking Christmas art but I have something homemade that I had fun making, and every year when we put the tree up and put out our Christmas fun we’ll remember a really great afternoon where we made some memories.


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