Cyclescheme – an update

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Well I expected to be writing more update blog posts if I’m honest but here we go. I have my new bike, already. I got a Whyte Portobello and mudguards.

I applied to join the cyclescheme on the 20th July, got my approval on the 21st and was told it could take 30 days to get my certificate. It took 14. Can’t argue with that.

I got an email on Monday at lunch time with my certificate and called Edinburgh Cycle Co-op that evening. I picked my new bike up today(Thursday).

The process of picking the bike up was really straight forward to. I had the certificate on my phone, showed that to the shop assistant and he did everything else. Within an hour of collecting the bike I’d got an email from cycle scheme wishing me well on my new bike.

I have to say. The whole process has been so simple and easy. The bike shop even set my bike up and installed mudguards and my existing rack for me with no labour charge. Also with bike co-op you get a free 6 week service and a free 1 year annual service. Now that’s customer service.

So I guess that’s about as much as I can update you with just now, next update will be to give you a very rough idea of the savings of this scheme over buying outright and then maybe I’ll tell you about my new bike. For now I’ve only taken it one proper run so it wouldn’t be fair to judge it yet.

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