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Day two of the big chill out weekend.


Oh what a glorious day, the sun is shining, I’m sitting in a sunbeam waiting for Kate to return with beer and burgers for the BBQ.
But wait… Before anyone gets the wrong idea, we’ve just finished the shrubbery.

That’s right we’ve done some more work out front and now we are having our well deserved sunshine.

Yesterday we built the rockery and today followed suit. We lifted the monoblock on the opposite corner into the same shape, dug and forked all the earth and dug in some fertiliser.


Then we planted an array of colour and texture.

Kate finally got to plant that Japanese maple she’s always wanted.


So… Finished shrubbery…


And almost finished front garden (still got the lawn to create).


I feel I should apologise for any spelling mistakes, I’m blogging from my phone in the sunshine :O)


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