Edinburgh is hotting up for the World Naked Bike Ride | World Naked Bike Ride, Edinburgh

Reblog from: Edinburgh is hotting up for the World Naked Bike Ride | World Naked Bike Ride, Edinburgh

Edinburgh is hotting up for the World Naked Bike Ride this Saturday 13th June.

14428876535_a3e25d6f55_mPersonally I can’t wait, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. Over the last month we have seen so much energy building for the ride. We have received some delightful media coverage bringing attention to our cause of protesting our oil dependency concerns and raising awareness of cycling as a sustainable means of transport. Our Facebook event now has well over 100 people registered to attend and the numbers just keep climbing each day.

Is Edinburgh ready for this, are you ready? Well we/they are going to have to be as the time for action, the time for protest, is quite simply now – so let’s take to the streets this Saturday and show people what we are really made of – skin and bones mostly – and we want to have fun in our protest, and generally feel safe on the road whenever we ride.

Mid-Meadow Walk for the strip down and body painting

We’ll be meeting at Mid-Meadows Walk at 2pm where we will strip down “as bare as we dare” (official dress code is that genitalia should be covered but that is the “minimum”), paint our bodies and set off for what will be a spectacular ride. We are using the same route as last year – which takes us past many of Edinburgh’s major sites and so it is very likely we’ll get a fair bit of attention. Added to this we’ve also got possibly two sound-systems so that people will at least, should they not see us first, hear us approaching (we’re taking music suggestions).

The ride will take probably about an hour but we’ll finish where we started in the Meadows and perhaps there we will bask in our new found freedom with the sun on our bodies (we can at least hope). There are no official post-ride plans but I’m pretty sure some spontaneous magic is bound to happen and we’ll do something together.

Route Map
The ride route – same as last year taking us past many of Edinburgh’s major sites

14427315184_9b3f141fd5_zSo all there is to do now is try on that costume a few more times before the weekend, jumping excitedly around of course, and making sure we tell as many people as possible about the ride. Some of us will probably be handing out flyers in the week and you may spot some chalk on the pavements promoting the ride. Let’s have a final push – the more of us we get out there the bigger the statement – we want a cycle-safe city. A city not dominated by cars. A more friendly peaceful city.



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