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Ever wonder where it all started? Cooking, gardening, brewing and even cycling.

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writing a blog littleI’ve been asked quite a few times recently when I started or why I got into or how we created the garden, or how on earth we started making our own beer and I was even asked this week if I had just started cycling and I always direct people to this blog telling them that there are loads of stories here about everything.

Sometimes people say “Wow that’s great I’ll really enjoy reading that”, which is always a nice feeling. However today someone said, ” there’s just so many stories on there, how do I find the start?”

That’s something that hadn’t occurred to me before, yes this blog has grown massively in the last couple of years and I suppose it isn’t as easy anymore to find the beginning of some of the on going stories about the garden or house or our first adventures in brewing etc so what should I do? I guess I help a little here, here are some links to help you – I guess it’s like our personal way back machine.

Some highlights from Ar Bruadair.

Lots of posts (in order) about how we created our gardens

All the posts about our brewing from our very first attempt at beer until our most recent

My adventures in cycling

If you are feeling very brave – a very old blog from when I was learning Gaelic


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