February and rain


I’ve been doing an average of 10 miles a day just through cycling to work, and adding little bits here and there (like shopping) and it all seemed to be going fabby, until my gear cable snapped while I was cycling on the Kilmarnock Road home from work.

Sounds way more dramatic than it actually was, but it cost me £90 to get that fixed and a general set up of my old Trek bike. (They always find more stuff wrong with the bike than you put it in the shop for)

So that was the first tantrum and tears. The bike had now cost me a small fortune and I was still being over taken on a daily basis by the paper boy on his BMX. It doesn’t do great things for your dignity for a 12 year old boy to be cycling rings round you on a hill while you wheeze and splutter your way to work.

So fast forward a couple of months (february) and I’m still plodding away to work, but it’s now taking me 27 mins to get to work instead of the original 35. Woo hoo!!!

I’m really enjoying the cycling and I’m now competing with the paperboy who doesn’t always beat me up the hill. :0) Progress you can measure.

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