Flowers and fun with Kate and Eli


Well Sunday saw Kate and Eli up to their elbows in muck but with the fantastic result of some colour in the garden at last.

IMAG0176A quick trip to the Pentland Plants garden centre saw the poor wee car making two heavy trips and the girls savings take a hit but all of it was worth it.

Sunday was about a splash of colour, so no heavy work or shed dismantling. Just “pottering” as such with the pots along the fence and at the front door to soften up the brick exterior. The heavy stuff will happen from the 9th onward. Watch for that update.

As always, camera phone in hand, Kate took some really unattractive photos of Eli, showing just how grey her hair is becoming and with a stupid look on her face.

I will get my revenge!

If you want to see bigger versions of any of these photos, just click on them.

IMAG0182The tea cups caused Eli much excitement when she saw them in the garden centre, and of course she now wants more.

She has planted her herbs in them and said her favourite is the spotty, red one.

IMAG0181The flowers in the pots up the side fence are a mix of  polyanthuses (that’s the tall ones), primrose (Eli refers to these as cabbages), pansies (the blousy looking flowers), cyclamen (the ones with the two-tone leaves) and along the front of the patio we have Tulips in pots.

The pots at the front door are Hebes (2 types), eponymous (the yellow/green leaves) and Eli has planted oregano, mint, rosemary and sage. She still has to plant basil, chives and parsley as these are the herbs we use most often in cooking.

bird feederWe also added a wee bit of fun to the garden in the form of a couple of bird feeders as we thought it would be nice to be able to watch the hundreds of birds we get here (mostly outside the living room window). And of course, it would be entertainment for Elmo.

So far the birds don’t seem too fond of the feeders, but we live in hope that word just hasn’t got round yet.

So that’s it for today, but keep checking back to see what updates there are.


Kate and Eli


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