Get on your bike and ride…

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Well… how do you go from being a fun, occasional cyclist to hauling your fat arse over 51 miles across the country – with the first 20 climbing to 700ft above sea level??
If someone knows the answer, can you email me?


Well, I started by getting my arse back on the bike…(queen songs go through my head a lot at this point)  it’s been a while, so that first two weeks HURT! In all the wrong places, and it pissed with rain through most of it. Don’t you just love the west coast? And the bike was making lots of weird noises and generally not sounding happy. So off to the bike shop to get it all sorted out.
£70 later and a few tears at the price and the rusty old thing was flying along the road.

That was enough to get my head around the fact that cycling was much better than public transport.


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