Happy retirement Jim

I opened up the BBC website this morning to read the news and was met with the unhappy (for me) news of Jim McColl from Beechgrove garden’s retirement. I’m sad because he is a favourite TV gardener of ours but the man is 84, so we have to be happy for him, he deserves to get to just enjoy his gardening at his own pace now 🙂

He’s been a presenter on Beechgrove Garden for 40 years, bringing a very much needed colloquial accent and down to earth attitude to the BBC and gardening in general. You know that phrase call a spade a spade? Well Jim would say “a big shovel!”

Jim McColl, Beechgrove Garden, BBC Scotland

Kate and I are massive fans and we look forward to Beechgrove every week to see what’s happening, how big the tomatoes in Jim’s greenhouse are and what we should be doing this weekend ( I even completely fan girled at Gardening Scotland a few years ago when they were filming, unfortunately though, I didn’t get to meet Jim and the gang).

It’s back! Tonight at 8pm on the new BBC Scotland channel or Sunday at 12:30pm on BBC 2.

Now don’t get me wrong, we love Monty too and tune into Gardener’s World on a Friday night (cause staying in is the new going out apparently), but gardening in Longmeadow works to a whole different timescale than Scotland so Beechgrove holds an important place in gardening TV for Scotland. Whereas Gardener’s World is a bit like going on holiday 🙂

So sad as we are to see Jim go, we couldn’t let him disappear without our very own tribute, so Jim, I take ma bunnet aff tae ye! But who will save the world from George’s pruning sheers now???


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