Homebrew competitions: what am I entering?


Just a quick blog post today.  The first of the homebrew competitions that I submit beers to, takes place at the end of January and I’ve just put my beers in to crash chill. The best thing about these competitions is that they are a fantastic way to get great, unbiased feedback about your brewing to help you really perfect your recipe and technique. Sometimes you are really surprised about the feedback; beers you thought were great don’t score well with the judges and beers you weren’t impressed with do. You can never tell. Last year my bitter won a silver medal which blew me away as I really was not impressed at all with it and gave all of it away.

I have been brewing diligently since September and they haven’t all gone to plan but there’s at least one that I’m really pleased with.  I’ve brewed beers for the following categories;

  • Bitter
  • English IPA
  • American Pale Ale
  • American IPA
  • 80 Shilling

There are a couple in there which I’ve never brewed before; 80 shilling and English IPA so that was a bit of an adventure and I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by the English IPA. I’m not normally a massive fan of English beers (preferring the big hoppy American beers) but I really love this one and so I’m hoping good feedback will help me to improve it and make it an even better beer for us to drink in the garden this summer. It’s quite light and refreshing and has a really nice balance of hops.

The competition is at the end of the month so check back and I’ll update you a little bit about what it’s like to have beers submitted in a competition and what kind of feedback I get from the judges.






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