Hotbin Composter: the hook mixer broke, it’s too tall and it holds too much.

Now you are all really confused, aren’t you? Keep going…

See here’s the thing, you guys know I love my hotbin composter because it’s so much easier than the big old compost pile I had, which was really difficult for me to turn. I have raved about this on the blog and in loads of videos. But someone asked me the other day (the videos about my hot compost adventure seem to have gone through the roof recently with views so it must be a hot topic), someone said, you are always so positive but surely, is there a single negative to them?

So, here we go, I’m going to specifically tell you about the negatives. Cause I don’t want you guys getting the wrong impression. I don’t work for hotbin, they don’t sponsor our blog or videos, so I have no reason to give you guys a sales pitch and tell you to buy one. My intention is more that I want you to be able to get some neutral, real experiential advice from folk who have them and then make your own decisions.

So here we go… my less than positive experiences of being a hotbin user…

  1. the turning hook thing – the handle is plastic, rather than a nice wooden one, so it didn’t last. It broke quite early on and now I’m having a nightmare trying to get my compost mixed properly. Not only that, now because it’s broken plastic, it shreds my hand when I try to use it. Bloody annoying that I now have to go and spend more money to replace a broken part that should last as long as the rest of the kit.
  2. Its height. Ok, this one is very specific to me, and probably won’t affect the majority of folk using this bin. Its height. I’m only 5ft tall. Just to use the bin, I have to stand up on a couple of bits of railway sleeper as a step so that I can actually reach in and turn things. Now it’s tall and thin, for a reason, it gives it a really small footprint, perfect for small gardens. But for me, this is a right pain in the bahookie.
  3. Its size (volume). This is my last one, and I’ve mentioned this quite a few times in videos and blogs. You need a reasonable and REGULAR amount of kitchen and garden waste to get this going and keep it going. Because it’s so big, we struggle to keep it hot. We just don’t produce enough kitchen waste and outside of the growing season, not enough garden waste. So I suspect a smaller bin would be ideal for people like us.

So in the scheme of things… would I switch back? Hell no!!! I love it. Ok, there are things I’d love to change, but I still think it’s a good investment for us. The negatives I listed are nothing more than niggles. Well except for the cheap plastic handle on the hook, that has really pissed me off. But generally, I still love it and the positives for me far out weight the negatives.

So there…… if you are just catching us on this adventure, feel free to pop back through the blog and catch up 🙂

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