How are the tomatoes growing. A greenhouse update.



The sun has been shining all week and as usual we’ve been in the garden enjoying the sunbeams.

Although it’s not just us loving the sunshine, the vegetables and tomatoes are bursting to life this week. Hence why I thought I’d give you a very quick update on the greenhouse.

I have a couple of things to show you which I had held off on until I knew they’d “take”.

I can hear you now, “what on earth are cucamelons?”. And I don’t blame you. It’s a bit of an unusual one.

We found out about them from another gardener’s video blogs and it looked like fun. I’ll post a link at the bottom to her video post about them, but she’s done lots of other interesting gardening videos so I’d recommend heading over to her youtube channel for some viewing. She even did one very amusing video for world naked gardening day. I’m trying convince Kate to do one for this year, but I don’t think that that’ll be a battle I’ll win.

Cucamelons are tiny little fruits that apparently taste like melon, but they are really small. I thought they’d make perfect little lunch box treats.

I wasn’t sure how I’d get on as the seeds really didn’t seem to take, but this weeks sun has made all the difference and I have a batch of about 15 coming on.


This is a new one on us too, so I promise to keep you up to date on how they get along.

Watering system
The other interesting addition to the greenhouse this year is a new watering system that I’m testing out.


It’s a large bag which holds about a gallon of water and has a hose and dripper system. I’m hoping it might help prevent fluctuations in watering and so stop so many tomatoes from splitting on the vine. I have one on each side of the greenhouse for the tomatoes.


It’s my first time trying something like this out so we’ll have to give it time and see how it goes.

There you go, a quick update from the green house.

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