Kate’s hard work


Well this bank holiday weekend has seen some cracking weather so Kate got out and did some tweaking to the back garden.

The big deal was our new picnic bench which meant on Saturday, we had a barbeque and subjected the eleven year old next door to some of our music.

Oh the joys of being the grown up.


We also planted some new flowers during the week, you can see them in the background. The hope is that they will climb and spread along the back fence screen and give some colour.

I took it easy this weekend and just did some greenhouse tweaking yesterday.

The courgette plants had outgrown their pots so I replanted those and did the same with the pumpkin plants too.

Just have to cross our fingers that it wasn’t too traumatic for them and they will still produce courgettes (and pumpkins).

Kate is working on her shed today, she’d replaced the frames on the windows as the wood was rotten, and she’s added some new shelves to help store my endless supplies of plant pots.

She also built me a fab stand for hanging baskets in the greenhouse, cause I have a couple of trailing tomato plants.



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