Let the New Year begin

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seeds on tableTime to get organised and start planting veggies – woot!

The weather isn’t great just now, but I’m trying to at least keep on top of the bits and pieces that I can do.

I’ve got tomato plants sprouting in the greenhouse, my garlic is all sprouting nicely so I’ve put some out in the beds and have some more in the greenhouse in case the poor weather ruins my crop and I’ve got some of the potatoes planted up and in the greenhouse until the weather turns for the better and they can go out.

I’ve also got broccoli and sprout seedlings in the greenhouse and I’ll put them out once they are a bit hardier. Thank god for the greenhouse.

I’m absolutely bursting to get the beetroot and carrots planted as that’s the real fun time when you get to eat fresh beetroot and carrots, but until things heat up a little there’s no point in planting out.

I need to start thinking about the herb containers soon too, not everything has survived the winter, so going to have to replant some thyme, tarragon, parsley and marjoram. We’re still racking our brains because we think we had another herb out there last year and can’t remember now what it could be.

Looking at the garden, it does look a little bare, not flower-wise as the flower beds are blooming away lovely and its adding loads of reds and yellows and purples, but I really can’t wait to get the green shoots coming up in the veg beds and even the huge potato plants again. There was just something about all that life out there in the garden.

greenfinchesSpeaking of life in the garden, the little greenfinch pair is back. I got so excited by them last year as I’d never seen greenfinches before, and I’m so glad they are back, especially now that Kate has put up a proper little bird table for them. Of course we still have the masses of starlings and sparrows that chase the greenfinches, robins and blue tits away, but every so often they’ll sneak back in. There’s nothing like the feeling of watching all the birds in the garden.

So as usual, all I can say is watch this space, hopefully the planting out will begin in the next two or three weeks and then we can watch excitedly for the new plants to sprout and then watch them grow.



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