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Lots of snow, so this weekend’s project will be indoors

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first snowMusselburgh was hit yesterday afternoon by the snow storms that have been travelling around the UK, so it doesn’t look like much garden work will get done this weekend.

Instead I have a little indoor project. I’m going to build a brewing thermostat controlled power supply… yup, I am. :0) It will basically be a thermostat which switches power on and off determined by temperature, if it’s too hot power goes to one plug switching on maybe a fridge, if it’s too cold power goes to the plug with the heater. Simple concept. I’ll use it to regulate the temperature my beer is fermenting/conditioning at.

You can buy these things for about £80 but I’m going to make one and save myself around £50.

Step one – all the bits I need:

making my stc







  • Casing to mount it all too – £13
  • 3 core cable – £2
  • Gromit to be neat – £1.50
  • Wire connectors – £2.50
  • Digital Thermostat – £17

I had made one error which I didn’t realise until today, I bought a double socket but I actually needed two separate sockets so that they could be wired separately, so a wee trip to B&Q later and I was all set. (another £2.49 spent)

First thing to do was drill and cut the wholes in the box to fit the wires, the thermostat and the sockets, that made quite a mess but wasn’t as difficult as I thought, although the finished product isn’t all perfectly neat and symmetrical… but I don’t care I made it and it works!!!!

One all drilled out, I fixed the sockets and thermostat into place and then wired all the different bits and pieces together using the cable connectors. I’ve been planning this project for a few weeks so had lots of time to research and get wiring diagrams from the web or help from the friendly people at various brew forums I use.

And once all wired, I switched on and hey presto… no bang!

I set it to switch heating on at 19 degrees and cold on at 23 degrees and then tested it with a glass of water and my now very warm hands (I got quite excited). It all works perfectly and am I feeling smug??

Hell yeah!!!!!!

Finished product

finished stc




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