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Making a support for the peas and planting the seeds out.


Has it really begun? Is this really the start of our veg growing season? Well cross your fingers and hope so cause we’ve been busy in the garden today.

One of our “first time” plants for this year are peas, which are climbers so we had to come up with something in the veg bed for the peas to climb on. Those of you who have been following our blog for a while know that we tend to visit the garden store when we need anything. However watching our friends Luke and Rhoda make do, mend and general DIY (where Rhoda is concerned usually in a hurricane) has given us a bit of a guilt trip. So today rather than take a trip to the shop, we had a go at making a pea support from bits and pieces we had lying around in the shed.

So a few bits of wood and some garden “netting” and off we go.






Fingers crossed though cause usually when we do our first lot of planting out, we get snow within days.

So what have we planted out today?

  • Peas
  • Orange carrots
  • Yellow carrots
  • Purple carrots
  • Globe carrots
  • Red beetroot
  • Yellow beetroot
  • Stripy beetroot

So everyone, fingers crossed.





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