Making little metal plant name tags


Every year I write loads of little labels for my plants and seedlings, I’ve used mostly little, white, plastic stick things, but I’ve tried wooden and slate too. Every year though the same thing happens, just when I need to know what plant is where, the letters disappear from the labels.

So this year, I am making a more permanent solution, I’m stamping the plant names on metal.

You will need…

  • metal letter stamping thingy ma widgets
  • a hammer to hit them with
  • a piece of metal to be the plant label (which you will stamp onto)
  • something to hold the label (I am using old coat hangers.

This is such an easy thing to do that I kind of feel guilty writing a whole blog post about it, so if you want the less than 3 minute version… video below.

So I have these little round tags that a neighbour gave me as they have loads of them (thanks Harry), but you can use anything, you can even buy little plant label shaped ones if you want.

I’m also being mega cheap and repurposing old, wire, coat hangers to act as my stands (earth to label attaching device). I just used some pliers to cut them to size.

So step one, place your little metal letter stamp onto your label blank, remembering to make things backwards as your final label will be a mirror image. Then, whack it with a hammer so it leaves an imprint.

Do this for each required letter.

Step 2. Then, if you are using a little tag like me which has a hole in it, bend a piece of wire to give you a little hanging hook. It doesn’t have to be perfect, we are going for practical.

Step 3. Attach your little label to the hooky thing and stick it in the pot or the ground and you have an awesome little label.

So easy and simple. The hardest thing is getting the words right with your backwards writing. I have just accepted some of them are wrong and that’s ok, as long as I know what the plant is it’s ok!


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