National cycle to work day – 4th Sept 2014

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It’s apparently national cycle to work day in a couple of weeks so I thought I’d give some advice to anyone considering the two wheel commute.

What do you need

So first things first, what do you need to be able to cycle to work, well a bike, obviously and to be honest, that’s the only thing you really need.  Check it over before you intend to cycle though, especially if it’s been sitting around unused for a while. Give it some love and a little oil or if you are worried, pop along to your local bike shop.

What to wear

You can wear specific clothes if you want, but that’s entirely up to you. Plenty of the folk I see on the commute every day are just wearing their work clothes. I choose to wear a helmet, not everyone does. I also wear a nylon top and shorts as if I get wet, these dry out quickly ready for my journey home. I’m also lucky because I have access to a shower at work, so I carry my work clothes and a towel so I can get showered when I get there. If you don’t have a shower and you’re worried about being less than spring fresh, take in or leave at work some wet wipes or a small micro fibre towel. Or… don’t push yourself too hard. Go at a sedate pace and enjoy the cycle rather than sweat it out. Edinburgh cycle chic is great blog if you want to see the kinds of things people wear for cycling.  

Being prepared

If you’ve never cycled to work before, check out the route you are planning to use. You don’t want to get lost if you can help it. Take a map or download a cycle or map app for your phone. I am a big fan of googlemaps which also has a feature to show cycle paths. Better still ask a friend to cycle with you, it’s always more fun with a friend.


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