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Not long to go… surely?

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beds garlic showingThe weather has picked up a little and it’s even beginning to resemble spring (just), so a wee bit more work in the garden today and I’m feeling a bit more like our veggie crop is happening.

We are still getting frosts, so I can’t really plant much out, only the garlic as that’s a hardy plant that likes a cold hibernation spell through the winter. Optimistic about it as it’s looking good despite the frost nipping at its leaves.

I’ve planted a bit more garlic this year as we didn’t get much from our trials last year (and ended up eating all of Luke’s). So at least there is some greenery in the beds. I’m also hoping having some garlic in each bed will help keep the carrot fly away.

Things are chugging away quietly in the greenhouse too. It’s not the biggest greenhouse, so we have had a think about what we want in there based on last year and decided that of course; we’ll start the courgettes off in there and that we’ll also have a lot of tomatoes going as we really loved the fresh tomatoes last year.

courgettes sprouting








So in the greenhouse… remember Colin? Well this is this year’s little batch of Colins.

I’m trying some yellow courgettes as well as green this year. Fingers crossed they all work out as well as last year and I’ll be giving away courgettes again.

I’ve gone a bit mad with types of tomatoes. I just thought it would be fun to try some different sizes and colours, so we are going with red stripy ones, green stripy ones, red cherries, chocolate coloured cherries and of course…. cream coloured plums. LOL It should be a fabulous salad that we put together this year!

The tomatoes, just sprouting through the soil. Long way to go till we get the enormous plants I had to tame last year.

tomato sprouts

Of course, after the massive success of the tatties last year… I’m growing twice as many this year. Same types, Arran Victory (purple) and Maris Piper. They were so tasty last year that I had to grow some more.







So they are in bags and in the greenhouse at the minute as I don’t want to put them out until the frosts pass.

tatties plantedSo that’s it for just now I’m afraid, until he weather sorts itself out I’m limited with what I can do, but I am absolutely chomping at the bit to get the beetroot and carrots planted, so come on Mother Nature, surely it can’t be long now until we get better weather!!!






Before I go, I’ll leave you with a picture of Larry the Lemon tree… he seems to be quite happy in the greenhouse and is still churning out lemons. Nice supply for our gin and tonics….. oh!! Gin and tonic… good idea…



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