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“Oose” On A Stick (candyfloss)


We made candy floss! We made candy floss! We made candy floss!

candyfloss machine








When Kate was little, she called candyfloss “Oose on a stick”. Oose being the Scottish word for fluff or lint and when we go on holiday it’s become a bit of a fun thing that we have to go get Oose on a stick.

Christmas however gave me the perfect opportunity for a bit of a silly present that would raise a smile, a candyfloss machine :0)

It’s a baby pink bowl with a halogen heater in the middle and you just add a tablespoon of sugar and it spins the heated bowl in the centre basically making spun sugar – candyfloss. You would be absolutely amazed how much fun a 46 year old and a 38 year old can have with this. In fact Kate is currently on the internet researching how to make “better” candyfloss.

I’d say that present was a success then? (Should point out, you do actually get way more candyfloss than you can see in the pic but I kept eating it as she went – he he he he he he)

kate making candyfloss




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