Our first official beer review

hello dollyAt the beginning of December I sent some beer away as part of a brewers secret Santa, where beer from one brewer could be anonymously reviewed by an other brewer.

It was a bit nerve-wracking but I sent out a couple;

  • Hello Dolly, (which is the first blog post I wrote telling you about how I make beer) and
  • Cinderella’s Ruin, our pumpkin ale.



It took a couple of months get the first review back but it was worth the wait and it has definitely given me confidence in our beer. We’re just waiting on the second review now.

Hello Dolly tasting notes.

A very interesting brew, this one, with excellent clarity, colour and head retention, superior to other extract brews I have had (and made, for that matter). The crystal malt gave some very good, rich colour and balanced nicely with the hop flavours (both bitterness and dry hop). The label said this was the brewer’s first attempt at extract – in which case, well done, and I look forward to trying the next one!