Pedal for Scotland 2016 – 4 weeks to go

Something happened this week, well a couple of things really.

Firstly I found out that the organisers have changed the route and the finish. The route is apparently much more hilly and some riders were saying that last year’s route was not suitable for riders who were not used to hills so I’m a tad worried about how punishing it will be. Also the organisers have changed the finish and now it doesn’t finish in Edinburgh, instead it finishes out a Ingliston which has really poor public transport links if you have a bike.

I have to be honest, the change in finish did put me off a bit and if I hadn’t been raising money for a great charity I would have pulled out. It’s just really inconvenient not just for the people taking part but for folk who want to come cheer on the cyclists too. I suspect well see a drop in attendance this year but I can imagine that the organisation  of something this size is a mammoth task and they’ve had a really good reason for changing the finish point. So enough of my moans.

How’s preparation going? We’ll I was reasonably confident until this week. I’m just back from a two-week holiday with no cycling, back on the bike this week and it’s been hard going.

Just my normal commute has been an epic battle with my times dropping by over 5 minutes and the hills seem to be killing me.

I’ve cycled home with my lovely wife and new cyclist a few times which means taking “THE HOLYROOD HILL”. It’s basically just a hill through holyrood park which was a real challenge for Kate when she started, but she is now looking really strong on it. Although we still refer to it as if it’s armageddon.

Last night though, she had to sit at the top and wait for me, I was a good minute behind her and feeling it.

What has happened to me – eek!

Got 4 weeks to knock myself back into shape, might have to go out for a decent length cycle this weekend.


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