Pedal for Scotland 2016 – all done and over £500 raised for a great cause

Me at the start waiting to go
Me at the start waiting to go

Firstly I want to say thank you so much to all the people who donated to Alzheimer’s Scotland on my behalf. As I write this blog post we have raised over £500 for this great cause. So the big day has come and gone and I thought you might like a quick update and some photos.

I was on the 8am start schedule from Glasgow Green and my fantastic sister Leigh came and saw me off with lots of cheers of good luck and well done. She took photos and recorded videos and in one video clip you can hear her panting for breath as she cheers me on. It tuned out that her bus hadn’t turned up to get her to Glasgow Green and she was worried about missing the chance to see me, so she had to run across the green to find me.

She did a great job and I now have lots of photos and video snippets of the day as little reminders.

On the weeks before the actual cycle, I had been worrying about how punishing the new route would be, I’d heard that it was more hilly than the route I’d previously cycled and a lot of people found it quite hard going. I have to say that yes the route now is much more hilly, I’d describe it as 48 miles of one hill after another, but I found that being clever with your gears and prepared meant that no hill felt awful or too challenging. Yes I was out of breath for the entire 48 miles, but not to the point where I couldn’t hold a conversation with the other cyclists or thank the locals who had come out to cheer us on.
mapThere were a few other changes to event itself from the last time I took part the biggest being that the roads were closed to traffic making it a really pleasant and safe cycle, well there were still quite a few newbie cyclists who didn’t signal before moving or slowing down and rather a lot not sticking to the rule about keeping left to allow people to overtake but in general I did find it a great cycle thanks to the closed roads. My only grumble in this regard is maybe that I don’t think it worked very well to have the kiddies ride take place at the same time and on the same route as the main rides. The last ten miles of the route was where the “Wee Jaunt” kiddies ride took place and it became quite scary in places with families taking up the entire road and kids swerving in and out in front of other cyclists but I understand that it’s probably a logistical nightmare to organise the multiple cycle events going on.

All in all I really enjoyed the day and even managed to post a few pictures and videos along the route so that friends and family could keep up with my day. In one such video I can clearly be heard to be quite out of breath but that was nothing compared to how my lungs felt when I got off the bike at the finish line but I’m thankful to say that come Monday I was back to normal with no aches or pains.

Kate was there to cheer me through the finish line and give me a much needed hug at the end and it’s amazing what a boost it was to approach the finish line and see Kate cheering me on.

All in all a very good day and Kate is already talking about doing it next year.


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