Pedal on Parliament 2014 – been there, done it and now got a t-shirt

I went along to Pedal on Parliament on Saturday and what a brilliant time. I joined with the group who were cycling from Portobello as there were only a couple of us from Musselburgh and we all took a leisurely cycle along the cycle path to Edinburgh to meet with the other 4000 plus cyclist at the Meadows. The cycle along the path was so enjoyable, no cars, no rain, no rush. Just the one hill and that wasn’t as bad as the one on my normal route. I was pleasantly surprised. As expected, there were so many different types of cyclist there from the commuters like myself who cycle on the roads, families with children, leisure cyclists,  folk on recumbent cycles, all sorts. It was really interesting to chat to folk and compare experiences and thoughts on cycling in general. But the big wow factor of the day for me was just looking behind me in the meadows and seeing just how many other cyclists were there, it’s hard to imagine what 4000 plus cyclists look like in a group so let me help you.

photo by Chris Fleming

My normal cycle to work

I have to say the cycle from the Meadows to the parliament for me was the best bit. I know many of the folk there, were there to hear the speeches but unfortunately from where I was I couldn’t hear the speeches or see the speakers but it didn’t spoil my day at all. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and would definitely do it again. The big thing to come out of the day for me was the cycle on the path to Edinburgh. I always cycle on the road, always have. I’m not afraid to cycle on the road, my dad taught me to use the roads when I was young so I guess I’ve been doing it long enough to have built up the courage to take my place in the lane and not be pressurised or bullied by other road users (although this is the opposite when I’m in a car). However I really enjoyed the cycle on the dedicated cycle path without other traffic and without the rush and pressure. So…. I’m going to do a bit of an experiment. For the next couple of week, I’m going to use the cycle path to and from work and see how I find it for a proper commute. I’ll obviously post and let you know how I get on and my thoughts about being a cycle path cyclist instead of a road cyclists so check back in a few weeks and see what I have to say.

My new cycle to work


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