Planting up – monster courgettes year three



This week’s update, well the work starts here. It’s time to start potting up the first batch of seedlings, tidy up the beds a little, get weeding and feed the soil. And that’s just this weekend.

Kate and I were out in the lovely sunshine yesterday, each with a list of chores.

My chores were mostly about getting the seedlings I planted two weeks ago moved into pots and into the greenhouse. They’ve really come on and Kate claims everytime she goes into the den the courgettes try to grab her. So into new soil and pots they’ve gone along with the beans and peas. The peas were actually so big that they were srarting to bend to fit into the shelving of the bookcase where I had them.

I’ve potted them up into 3 inch pots for just now, they will stay that way for another few weeks before I pot them up again into their final pots.

For just now, it’s still too risky to put young plants out, the cold snaps and frosts don’t pass in Scotland until end of May so they are snug in a clear box in the greenhouse just now. This will help keep them slightly warmer as I start to acclimatise them to the Scottish weather.


You can see the clear boxes with young plants in them on the shelf in the greenhouse above.

On the side closest, the potato bags are along the floor. It’s still far too cold to plant the potatoes out but starting them off in the greenhouse lets me get them going a little early.

The greenhouse is a bit messy just now because it’s such an active time in there, it’ll settle out in a month or so when I get everything into their final pots.


Kate had a bit of an exciting time yesterday. Not only did she do a bit of tidying up around the flower beds but she also replanted some of our perennial plants. We have two big wooden planters in the back garden that have a selection of some of our prettiest flowers in them. Unfortunately some of these plants have gotten really big and are now covering the others around them. Kate spent some time yesterday moving these to new homes where they could flourish.

The first two she moved were our bleeding hearts.


These are gorgeous flowers but spread out a lot, so Kate has moved them into their own pots and we’ve moved them to the front of the house. We’ll keep an eye because the front of the house gets the wind but if they take, they will look stunning out there when they flower.

We have also moved a plant that’s really special to us but hasn’t done so well. Our friends Dave and Valerie gave us a hydrangea when we moved into the house but it just didn’t seem to take, so Kate moved that to a more sheltered spot and the good news is…


It’s starting to bud. I promise we’ll keep you updated on how the hydrangea and bleeding hearts go.

Next week we are going to transplant two of our bigger plants so check back then to see us covered in mud as usual.


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