Quadgrow-plus: greenhouse gadgets galore

You know I love my gadgets and this year I’ve had some fantastic success with my greenhouse gadgets (namely the quadgrow watering system). Well following on from that I treated myself to another quadgrow product, one which will house salad as well as pots for larger plants like peppers or chillies. Everything has been running so well in the greenhouse with the quadgrow pots, I really can’t fault them, but the one area we were having problems with was salad. It’s such a delicate crop that if you don’t get the watering just right, in a greenhouse, one day can wipe it out. It’s been a bit of a pain in the neck, to be honest, so when I got this year’s bumper hoard of gardening brochures through the letterbox, I was delighted to see a quadgrow solution for this too.  It looked so perfect, a little tray with some small pots and a little tray for salad, all watered for mthe reservoir underneath.

But wait… that salad area does look quite small, would it cope? Would it give us enough space to grow the variety of leaves we like? What about mini gem and cos lettuce, we were wanting to get into that this year. So many thoughts, worries, questions.  A sigh of relief, its ok, they come in different sizes.

Click and it’s ordered. I went for the bigger option and the deluxe model with the greenhouse type propagator lid thing, to help the seeds germinate. Well, all that excitement and it arrived on Monday, so I got home from work and went straight to the greenhouse to unbox it… I’ll leave the story there and let you watch the video to see more. Let me just say, I should have gone with the small…..




  1. I loved the idea of the quadgro set up, but could not order because I have a US address. Do you know where I might be able to buy these and have them shipped to Texas?

  2. Sorry it’s not something I’ve ever looked into

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