Seeking out the perfect Gin & Tonic: homemade tonic


As our blog readers are well aware, life at Ar Bruidair is such a hardship. Dave G tells us all the time how hard our lives are and how he’s so glad he isn’t like us 🙂

home made tonic ingredientsSo last weeks hard labour, cause it was, honest, was making homemade tonic to go with the lovely gin we are lucky enough to get from our local gin distillery, Edinburgh Gin. I don’t know what spurred us to think about making tonic, I can’t say that it’s ever been on our minds before but something must have given us the idea. So off to the t’internet for a bit of research and I was lucky enough to come across a fantastic blog post with the recipe we ended up using.

Homemade Tonic Water for the Ultimate Gin and Tonic

If I’m honest, I was VERY dubious at first reading through the ingredients, I mean lavender? C’mon! But I have to say this is a lovely tonic. It’s much stronger in flavour than the stuff you would buy in the shops, much more of a fever tree than a Schweppes, but it is lovely, VERY citrussy. Not a hint of that lavender in sight. Well actually there is a SOMETHING in that subtle aftertaste but we’re not quite sure what… I should video us trying to describe this, it would go viral.

I would say if you fancy making this, some of the ingredients might be a bit hard to come by. Our local Tesco was a bit of a let down so I had to buy in bulk from Amazon but hey I guess that means I have plenty of ingredients should we want to make more.

homemade tonic waterSo I guess really you guys want to know how to make it right? Well if you click the link above it will take you to the original blog post with all the details.

Go on, go mad.



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