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Shed clear out Saturday (and no that’s nothing to do with playing the old firm at Tannadice)


Well this weekend’s list of chores are;

· Clear out the big shed – check

· Replace the rotten wood in the shed – check

· De-rust and paint the clothes poles – check

· Put up screening on the back fence to increase privacy – check

· Fix outdoor tap so it doesn’t leak – check

· Paint fence and shed

· Sort herbs in new herb planter – check

· Plant new herbs in propagation tray – check

Today has been another productive day of making things pretty around the house and garden. It started with a wee trip to b and q and a shopping list of garden supplies.

I suspect it’s going to end in stiff joints, ice packs, beer and Chinese.


Kate did a grand job of ripping out all the rotten wood from the shed and giving it a really good clean before re-organising it to make loads more space. And I must say, she makes a very attractive dust mask model.



While Kate was sorting the shed, Eli got on with de-rusting and then painting the clothes poles. And in true Eli style, by the end of it there was more paint on her than on the poles. How she got the paint on her back side when she was facing the poles is one of the great mysteries of life along with…  where does the other sock go when you do the laundry? Why are you always left with one screw and a dowel when you put flat pack furniture together?

The poles do look better though.

And the shed…. positively palatial Kate says…

Sunday’s tasks will be to paint the fences and shed and to clean the patio……and maybe even wash the car (before the neighbours start talking about us!)



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