Single, white radish…


SWR. GSOH,NS seeks similar for stir fry, green curry, Mediterranean veg and more…

Well it’s hard to admit, but I think this poor little radish may be the last of our out door crops until next spring.

It’s turned really cold and we’re seeing the frost take hold so I’m not overly optimistic for the carrots and beetroot which are outside.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. We’ve moved our planting into the greenhouse and for the minute that’s looking promising. We have carrots going and have just added some beetroot and planted some radishes about ten mins ago.

Fingers crossed.

Also, it is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our most famous plant, Colin. He has sadly come to the end of his cropping and so has gone to the big compost bin in the sky. :0(

Not only has it left a gap in our hearts but a space in the greenhouse and so without further ado… We’d like to introduce you to Larry.


Larry is a lemon tree and will I’m sure be as successful and famous as Colin.

Stay tuned for more adventures featuring Larry the Lemon Tree.



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