So what’s growing? A spring time catch up in the greenhouse.

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I was reading through some of our old blog posts from this time last year and I’ve realised that we are a little bit behind on this time last year. Just a few weeks but it goes to show you how the weather can be incredibly variable from one year to the next. This time last year we already had beetroot and carrots in the beds, this year, we’ve only just begun to see the little seedlings popping up in the greenhouse.

So what do we have then? Well.

This is the first year we have attempted to grow any actual flowers from seed. We normally just pop to Pentland Plants up the road and buy baby plants. This year however we are attempting to grow these on ourselves and have a fantastic supply of spring and summer colour, or that’s the plan at least. We’ve planted a few different things alongside our usual veggies.


We’ve planted a few different types of Petunias as we use a lot of these in the garden especially in our hanging basket. They are only now just beginning to pop out of the soil and they are sooooooooooo tiny….. I’m terrified I’m going to kill them when I water them. I hope they grow a bit bigger and hardier soon.




















Kate is a big fan of Dahlias so we’re having a go at some of those called Yankee Doodle Dandy. They look pretty on the packets and they seem to be growing quite happily.





















Of course we have our usual array of veggies starting off, although these haven’t really come up much yet as it’s been a bit cold but we have the usual suspect…. COLIN!






























And lots of salad – that stuff will grow in a fridge, I swear!!















Lastly, I’ve just planted some peas so watch this space for them.



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